Remote Troubleshooting Service

Pomponio & Company offers a unique service that can save you time, money and endless frustration. New software technologies now make it possible for the Pomponio office to link to your own computers for personalized service.


Quick Response

If you encounter a problem while working on your own computer, you can contact the office and a skilled accounting professional will access your computer remotely to help you solve your issue. Problems are normally solved quickly and easily for our skilled technicians as they are trained in software usage and work in an accounting environment daily.

Instead of making a support call, waiting for someone to drive across town and then sitting idly by while they sort out the problem, you will get service as if we were just down the street.

Safe And Secure

There is no need to deal with USB drives or portable hard drives to transfer data so there is no longer a risk of damage or data loss either.
Not only is this service quick, it is also secure and easy to use. All data is encrypted and only qualified personnel can access your data.

Cost Efficient And Accurate

There is no need for the exorbitant costs of travel across town to fix something in minutes. We can fix your problem saving you both time and money. You will get the right answer the first time and there is no need to avoid calling as the service is inclusive. Call when you need to and we will be there to help.