Pomponio & Company can help you in ways that you may not have considered. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, Dion Pomponio can use management accounting to track and record financial information for your specific needs. Managerial accounting is tailored to what is happening within your company rather than gathering information for outside parties such as the Canada Revenue Agency, banks or shareholders.


Zero In On Your Goals

Management accounting is designed to help you fulfill your company’s objectives. It is targeted to particular segments of your business and fine-tuned to your specific company goals. It is used to increase your operating efficiency which can increase profits or allow you to reduce your prices making you more competitive. Pomponio & Company is skilled at setting up a measureable system to evaluate and compare performance over time.

Plan For The Future

Management accounting methods are used to review your current operational expenses and to establish budgets for the future. Set budgets help keep your business on track and highlight areas that need improvement. You will be able to see clearly if an area is constantly under-performing and take measures to correct it.

Managerial accounting information is vital for decision-making. Financial forecasts are important for determining consumer demand, the potential for sales or the effects of price changes in the marketplace. This information can also help you to plan for future staff requirements and materials you need to have on hand to satisfy your customers needs.

Increase Your Edge

Improved financial performance also means improved cash flow. By implementing the budgets and tracking mechanisms established by Pomponio & Company, you may have more money to invest in new opportunities when they arise. This may give you that distinct advantage you need to increase your market share. Dion’s skill and a tried and true managerial accounting method can take your business to the next level.